Friday, November 28, 2008

Freeze still coming Mon & Tues. Mornings

I have not changed my opinion regarding the coming freeze. The National Weather Service numerical guidance, in my opinion, is far too warm as they are calling for highs on Monday in the 50s after morning lows in the 30s...above freezing on the Southshore. From what I'm seeing this evening, Sunday's highs will occur in the morning (50s) and start falling into the 40s by dark. Strong north winds of 20-30 mph will negate the lake effect with lows Monday morning 25-30 Northshore, 30-35 Southshore. Highs Monday will stay in the 40s with lows Tuesday morning 22-26 North and 28-32 South. This will be mainly a plant & pet problem as temps south will not be 28 degrees or lower for 4 hours or longer(pipe rule). Never the less, this will be the coldest so far this season and it will only be the first week of December! I'm becoming more convinced with each passing week that we are going to have a brutally cold winter for much of the U.S.

On the positive side, this stormiest over the South is bringing much needed rainfall to Georgia & the Carolinas. Will update over the weekend.

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ONLYREAL said...

Bob I agree.It seems the lake is cooling quicker than they realize to prevent that freeze on the s. shore. In the long term here There is an above average chance of frozen precipitation here imo.