Friday, December 19, 2008

Post Surgery Day 7...

I am realizing how difficult life is for my 84 year old Mother who has suffered with daily pain for years. My little rotator cuff surgery has shown me how lucky I have been having a mostly healthy 61+ years on this planet. I am slowly getting more movement each day but it is still difficult to shower or get dressed without assistance from my wife. God bless the care givers of this world! If I didn't have the "happy drugs", sleeping would be impossible. Dr. Savoie says I'll be in a sling for another 3-4 weeks but, with therapy, I could be back playing golf by April. I still plan on returning to FOX 8 on Monday Jan. 5th, 2009.

Weatherwise, it drives me nuts to watch local weathercasters begin with either current conditions or highs & lows. One of my mentors (John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel) always told me to go to where the weather is. Today that focus was from Chicago to the East coast where a major snow storm trashed air & car travel. I guess I'm ready to get back on the air because I'm bored just watching and not being a part of the preseantation. Patience Breck...that's what the Doctor told me!


Susan said...

I am glad you are feeling better each day. My Dad had that same surgery, but on his right shoulder. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I agree with you about the other weather forecasters. That's why I ALWAYS watch Fox 8.
Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bourbon St. Blues said...

I think the weather is right here...its been way to hot for being the week before Christmas and the Fog has been super thick on the mornings we have had it...but we get this every year...these warm periods...lets hope the forecast is correct for cold weather on Christmas...ho ho ho..

Now Bob Golf...April!!!....I was thinking you'd be finished therapy in time for Saints training camp in July...

ONLYREAL said...

The pattern is modifying and i believe a shift in the east as the ridge in the Gulf breaks down.
Now I do not believe it will go away just shift to the east . Sign of it well look to Alaska where they were somewhat warming but now are building cold air again .
That I believe will trasend .Another words i believe it is a sign that another ridge in the west ;maybe not as strong as the one we had earlier but enough to give the east what it needed to get the cold more especially the south.
as a result cold from west to east nationwide seen in 89 , there will of corse be a battle wetween the two as always but for the most part the reprieve the south has seen will go away.
I don't think there will be alot of moisture to play with after this happens but if it is it will be in the form of coastal low pressure developing in the gulf and riding the fringes of the ridge and cold and of corse going up the east coast.
keep in mind none of the models are on to this yet .the Gfs will if it has'nt already begun to go about it stupid little back and forth thing as it will get a hint to it first.
the shift should be evident in the nam as it is shifting to the south and almost never does that unless there is a change in pattern comming . Usually it shifts to the west and north as the runs get closer to and event .
Now that I have stuck my head out on a limb by saying this I hope it actually does. 3 or 4 days and the Gfs will be catching the hint.

Dylan Federico

Kimberly said...

Only 2 more weeks!