Monday, January 12, 2009

Coldest Since December 2006...

The NWS is calling the coming cold fronts the coldest since Dec. 8-9, 2006. Back then, Audubon Park reached 29 with Slidell hitting 22. My feelings still believe the core of the coldest air will stay to our north and east with the worst coming Friday morning(28-32 S, 19-23 N)...slightly higher for Sat. AM. This translates into a hard freeze on the Northshore & Mississippi Gulf Coast & a light freeze away from Lake P. on the Southshore. Unless something changes, (trof deepens, axis shifts farther to west) I don't seen this as being a "pipe buster" freeze nor do I see any chance for snow. But that is what this blog is about...sharing thoughts. It will warm up by the weekend, but I don't see a return to the 70s anytime soon. Bundle up, enjoy the cold and be thankful you don't live in Minneapolis, Green Bay, Chicago, Detriot or Buffalo!

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