Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Much Needed Rainfall Coming...

I can say with great confidence that it will rain across SE Louisiana & Coastal Mississippi between Friday & Sunday. The forecast problems are 1) when and 2) how much? There are several upper disturbances in the SW flow that will trigger these increased rain chances. My best guesses are Late Friday into early Saturday and then again late Saturday into early on Sunday. The heaviest will most likely stay north of Lake P. Keep up on this situation since some "training" may occur over the weekend resulting in some heavy rain totals. Dallas-Ft. Worth has received 3-4" todday and it's still raining. That's how it works here...doesn't rain for 3 weeks and then we get 3 inches in 3 hours!

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ONLYREAL said...

I hope people like wet cabbage.
We are going to see widspread moderate rain and in several rounds.Perhaps heavy in some areas and maybe a rumble of thunder. I think the chance of flooding is low(unless training occurs). We should finally see a nice soaking rain to help downgrade the severity of the drought.The rain should move to our North and East by Monday night. After Tuesday we will stay cool and dry until the end of the work week with a comfortable NW flow aloft.

Good Luck to the people going to the parades, I would recomend an umbrella.