Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweaters/Jackets Needed Again !!!

Sorry I don't keep up this blog more often, but being an "oldtimer", I'm just not into computers like the younger folks. The past 3 days of severe weather takes it toll on "Gramps".

Good news! It appears the brunt of the final severe weather is lifting out tonight. At midnight, most of the heavy activity is along the MS Gulf Coast with only a few scattered showers ahead of the approaching cold front. Hopefully the cold front will not trigger a line of severe storms as it sweeps thru before daybreak? Much colder air is following the front and it'll bring back sweater & jacket weather (Highs 60s, lows 40s) for Sat. PM & Sunday. If you're dressed for it, it'll feel great since the humidity will be much lower. enjoy the "good feel" air as the muggies return by Monday PM.

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