Monday, March 30, 2009

Totally Rested...More Storms Coming?

After turning my lights off for 9 hours Saturday night, I'm fully rested from last week's severe weather. However, SPC has once again placed all of South LA & MS in their "slight risk" area for severe storms late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. The upper energy with this approaching system is much farther to our north, but we have a very strong sub-tropical jet streaking in from the Pacific that will enhance upward lift & produce some T-Storms Tuesday PM. The heaviest rainfall amounts should be focused east of New Orleans, east of GPT-BIX into Alabama & the Florida Panhandle. We really don't need more rain locally since most Northshore rivers are in flood. Fortunately, the upper flow this week remains fairly progressive so the threat for any fronts stalling on us appears remote.

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ONLYREAL said...

The Storms are lined up!
Tuesday, Thursday, and unfortunately this Weekend.
But as pointed ut in the past if we stay dry here for a while usually the rain comes back with vengence.Looks like we will be moving into a more zonal pattern after this weekend.