Friday, March 20, 2009

Why We Live Here...

For the first 22 years of my life, I lived in Hammond, Indiana growing up...& in Ann Arbor, Michigan getting my weather education. My 1st job took me to Tampa, Florida where I was amazed to be sitting on Indian Rocks Beach (North of Clearwater) the last week of March 1971 while my parents were still getting snow outside Chicago. Back then in my younger life, I didn't know any better. Now after being down South for nearly 40 years, I will never go back to those long winters.

This weekend is a perfect example. A cold front has brought us drier air, but we'll still be in the 70s. Contrast that to most of the Great Lakes & Northeast where it's still heavy coat weather. My late Dad could never handle our summer heat & humidity. He'd rather put on the coats. Me? I say bring on summer & the heat. We don't shovel humidity! This weekend will be pleasant, but not hot. Increasing winds will be the story perhaps causing some coastal flooding problems early next week? Get out and enjoy the outdoors. Spring has sprung!

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ONLYREAL said...

Reguarding the Friday/Saturday Severe Weather event all I have to say is,
Looks like CAPE is going to be 3000j/kg!!!
Combine that with very High Instability, High Dew Points, Lift Indices between -4 and -6, Strong Wind Sheer, Omega Values off the chart,a Rapidly Deepening Surface Low, A Powerful mid to Upper level Trough, and a Forceful Enviroment.

Knowing that I would say we could see a very nasty and Unforgetful Severe WX Outbreak and Heavy Rainfall event for the Deep South.This appears to have the capability of producing some Super Cells.Unfourtunatly it appears this event may happen at night too.

What do you think about this upcoming event Mr. Breck?