Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quiet Week Coming...Golf Classic/Jazz Fest

When we have big events that show off our city, it's nice that the weather cooperates. It appears the next 4-5 days will stay mostly dry with temperatures warm, but not hot. The negative for the golf tourney will be too much wind Fri-Sunday (SSE 12-22, g to 30) but that breeze should be welcome news for JazzFest goers as temps climb into the low-mid 80s. Wednesday & Thursday should be OK with fairly low humidity, but you'll feel the return of the Gulf muggies by Friday lasting into next week. I see no fronts coming close for the next 7-10 days. We're nearing the time of the year when fronts "run outa gas" and stall along the Gulf Coast. That can produce some big May rain events.(1978,1995) That won't happen this weekend.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Let me suggest you read today's columns in www.icecap.us .

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

Golf wouldn't be any fun if you didn't see the best golfers hit the ball from behind a tree or some tall grass. So let the wind be a challenge and a nice handicap for some players.

A little history here...most may not know Golf is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden...apparently back in Englands day, it was a Gentlemen's sport only.

I remember those two flooding events...In '78 I walked from Elysian Fields and Gentilly to Broad and Canal that day. Today I would say come and get me.

Also remember '95 and my mother-in-law saying can't you get a broom and sweep the water away...we were like WHERE!!! It was all around the house and was about 1/4 inch from getting in. Whew.

Have to admit, its been a pleasent April with all the fronts and lovely weather we had. I guess were due for the muggies. Darn.