Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Front Coming...

At this time of the year, any fronts that move through aren't cold fronts anymore. However, they can bring drier air that makes it feel less hot. The one last weekend was terrific, but this next "front" doesn't look quite as strong. Never the less, after more showers/T-Storms on Thursday, Friday thru Sunday look to be mostly dry with plenty of sunshine. Longer range computer models develop an upper ridge over the southeast towards the end of next week. We could be in store for our first real heat wave (Temps 92-96) if that happens. Until then, these daily showers provide us with a break from our usual heat.

The tropics remain quiet, which is typical for this time of the Hurricane Season. Yesterday Dr. Gray's team LOWERED their predictions on the number of storms from 12 to 11 and the number of Hurricanes from 6 to 5. We really need several quiet seasons in a row here that will allow the Corps of Engineers time to complete our levees and various structures that will give us some level of security against the smaller storms. Spent the last 4 days relaxing at Gulf Shores, Alabama and they have really recovered from the blow to the beach Hurricane Ivan gave them in 2004. Gustav & Ike were too close for comfort last year. We need that quiet season like we had in 2006 after Katrina. Met WALA-TV's Chief meteorologist John Edd Thompson back in 2005 when Katrina forced FOX 8 to broadcast from Mobile for 3 months. John Edd is retiring this Friday after 30+ years with FOX 10. I wish him many years of good health in retirement and look forward to joining that group in 2013.


Beans said...

Who's joining those ranks????

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so? Another New Orleans legend gone from the airwaves in just 4 years? Oh Lord! Gonna miss your expertise!

ONLYREAL said...

Even though CSU lowered their forecast everyone has to remember,
It only takes 1. Notice their analog years are 1959,1960,1965,2001,and 2002.We were somewhat effected in all analog years by a storm.

1959-Tropical Storm Arlene hits Morgan City.

1960-Hurricane Ethel was a close call hitting the Mouth of the river and hit Mississippi.

1965-Hurricane Betsy

2001-Tropical Storm Allison

2002-Tropical Storm Isadore & Hurricane Lili.

Always be prepared because it only takes 1. I wish everyone a Safe Hurricane Season.

weatherman said...

Don't be scared, just be prepared.