Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Concern Shifts to Gulf This Weekend...

Now that Erika appears to be no threat of ever getting into the Gulf, we need to shift our focus from her back to the Gulf. Why? Not in the short term, because there is a deep(strong) upper trough that has brought lots of dry air down into the Gulf. But it appears to me that an upper low is trying to cut off at the base of the trough. If that happens, sometimes those upper lows work their way down to the surface and tonight's VIPIR run does hint at a circulation forming south of us during the day on Saturday. Am I saying this to scare you? No...but I know a holiday weekend is coming and lots of us won't be paying attention to our weather. Probably nothing will develop, however, I want to alert you to pay attention to the Gulf this weekend. The first sign that something might be developing is increasing winds. Watch your trees & nearby flags and continue to check with me. I'll have an afternoon blog update tomorrow.

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