Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hurricane Season Over For Us?

Wow, watching Dr, Lyons on TWC tonight...he said this is the quietest hurricane season since 1997. I looked up the number of storms that year and the total was 8. I still think we'll see an uptick in activity in another week or two, but by then the east coast troughs are forecasted to return meaning real fall cold fronts will be pushing down into the Gulf protecting Louisiana. Sure we may still end up with 10-12 named storms, but unless the long range computer models are wrong(can't happen!) we will have escaped Hurricane Season 2009 without a threat. Obviously water temperatures are still very warm so I'll feel more confident once we get several strong fronts down to lower the heat content over the northern Gulf waters. That way, even if a late October storm did form in the Gulf, it would be a weak system, one that would not require evacuation. History is on our side Gang. The later in the season, the less the threat for us. C'mon Fall!

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