Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day...A Day of Rest...

I can't tell you how many past Labor Days I ended up working due to a tropical threat in the Gulf, but not this year. As I mentioned last night, satellite pictures confirm very fast west winds cover all of the Gulf & that will not allow any T-Storms to form any organization. In addition, another upper trough is coming continuing the trend that has been in place all summer. Dare I say another cold front!

There is an area just off the African Coast that shows some potential for development, but it too will stay out over the open waters of the Atlantic and not bother the U.S. We may end up with 8-10 named storms by the time the season ends, but it appears it will be more like the Hurricane season of 1984 (Late start, 12 named storms) when all storms(except one) recurved east of the U.S. staying out of the Gulf. Wouldn't that be nice!

Enjoy your Labor Day as I'll be sharing time with my family for a change.


ONLYREAL said...

Yep, The African disturbance(96L) may not even make it past 40W due to deep troughing in the Central Atlantic.

Hope you have a great Labor Day, Bob.


trabae123 said...

My little boy was so happy being able to spend his birthday (9/2) at home for a change! This has been a blessing of a season! Now let us see if we can make it through Swine Flu season without any major problems! Have a great labor day also!