Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TD 5 or Erika?

Daylight satellite loop clearly shows a closed circulation out in the Atlantic east of Puerto Rico. NHC has a hurricane hunter plane enroute and I'd be shocked if they did not make this TD #5 or Tropical Storm Erika. Computer model runs indicate whatever forms has 2 possible tracks. One curves it up the east coast like Bill & Danny while others keep it moving towards the Gulf. Way too soon to speculate where it will go. For the next 3-5 days, strong west upper winds will keep us protected from any tropical systems, and that includes anything that might form on the old frontal boundary that has finally pushed down into the Gulf. I'll have another update later this evening.

Much drier, "good feel" air has arrived and it'll mean noticeably cooler nights with pleasantly warm days thru Thursday.

1 comment:

nicolew said...

Won't it take longer than 3-5 days until Erika decides where to go?

She seems awfully slow.

Any new fronts predicted to move our away in the next week or so?