Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost Cindy?

Today's flooding was caused by a weak area of low pressure that formed along an old front boundary(like Bret) that I pointed out last week. Bret formed east of Florida and will move up the east coast well offshore causing no major issues. The low over us could have been worse IF it moved out over the Gulf waters like Alicia back in 1983. Today's system stayed over land and that kept it from developing into something stronger. 5-8+ " over parts of the Westbank caused significant flooding of cars and even some homes. The swirl was still visible on radar loops near Lafayette tonight as it heads farther westward. The lesson here is the ferocity of tropical rainfall when coupled with even a weak disturbance.

Tomorrow my Mom turns 87 and I was fortunate to spend this past weekend with her and my sisters and their family. It's difficult to watch parents age and I'm fortunate to have my sisters nearby to help her cope along with a wonderful caregiver named Anna. If your Mom and Dad are still alive, treasure them, especially if they are still in good health and can do thing with you and your family. The wrath of aging will eventually reach them and you may regret not doing more with them while they were younger. Fortunately, I have no regrets, only lots of great memories.


sonia diana said...

we needed you yesterday Bob!

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