Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cindy Forms Way,Way, Way out...

Yea, I know the technology is so much better now that any kind of swirl over the Atlantic is not missed. Such is the case with Trop. Storm Cindy so far out in the Atlantic. As Dr. Neil Frank(former Dir. of NHC) once told me, ..."They(NHC) are now naming things that back in my time we didn't". My can one compare the past with the present when it's like comparing apples to oranges? Are we seeing an increase in the # of storms? Or does modern technology allow us to see more storms? I believe it's the latter.

No major changes are in store for us as the center of the heat wave to our north shifts to the east coast by Friday. That may allow for an increase in our daily T-Storms over the weekend keeping us slightly less hot.

Several computer models are forecasting a wave way out in the Atlantic to develop into a tropical system over the Bahamas(well east of FL) early next week. With another east coast trough forecasted to dig in, that should keep the Gulf protected. Stay tuned.


cheryl said...

Thanks, Bob..with an all caps ..THANKS! for all your thoughts..and observations..Keep them comin'..PLEASE!

cheryl said...

Thanks , Bob..keep all of your observations comin'..! I so appreciate you blogging your thoughts..THANKS!