Tuesday, July 19, 2011

East Pac Active, Atlantic Not...Yet

Dora is now a hurricane in the Eastern Pacific and could reach Cat. 3 during the next 1-2 days. Research has shown that when East Pac has an active season(above average/normal # storms), the Atlantic Basin is less active(below normal). Dora is storm # 4 while in the Atlantic, Bret is storm # 2. Always fun to watch how things play out.

Our flooding rains from yesterday moved into Texas where their drought is worse than ours. Beaumont received 2.71", Houston only .36" while San Antonio got .80". Not a lot, but very welcomed moisture for them. Unless we get another upper disturbance coming our way, the next 2-3 days should see fewer storms(like today) and hotter temps.

An interesting story in Weatherunderground regarding the Midwest Heat Wave. Remember all the flooding of farmer's fields along the Missouri River several weeks ago? Now you have excessive heat evaporating all that water creating heat index values(feels like temps) greater than 125-130 degrees. Normally they do get hot in the Summer, but this year they have much more humidity making it feel much worse.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking that pacific stuff is kinda crazy right now.. interesting how active it's been .. .i'd rather that, they dont seem to affect much going out to sea like that! keep 'em heading that way I say!

Anonymous said...

The Pacific is always active, the average yearly storms are higher in the Pacific than the Atlantic.