Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nor'Easter Coming This Weekend?

If the computers are correct, a major east coast storm is setting up for this weekend. It will bring some much needed rainfall to areas that have received below average amounts since Hurricane Irene last Summer. What does it mean for us? A strong storm to our north & east usually brings cold air down south. Our next front will arrive near daybreak on Saturday with temps in the 70s at Dawn. They'll quickly fall into the 60s by 9 AM and maybe into the 50s by late afternoon. The timing of any rain is still tricky. Since the system seems to be progressive (moving), I am not expecting any flooding rains nor severe storms at this time. The big issue will be very strong(25-40+) north winds Saturday PM into Sunday. Sunday's highs could stay in the high 60s! Stay tuned.

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