Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 4th Warmest, 9th Wettest...

After going 5 months receiving below average rainfall, April marks the 2nd straight month of above average/normal rainfall as we head into our hotter part of the year.  April 2011 was the hottest April ever and this year climbed into the 4th warmest spot. Whether that continues into the summer months will depend on how strong the El Nino develops.  We know this summer will be hot, always is, but as long as we keep the weekly rainy systems coming and don't see a large upper high develop over the SE, it'll be no big deal.  I long for the time when I had a pool to jump into but that was many years ago.  Now I just put on a pair of running shorts, get my vodka tonic, cheese & crackers and sit out back in the shade of my oak trees.  If I get too hot I turn on my hose.  Life in the South, laid back and sweet...or is that sweat?

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