Friday, June 22, 2012

Dealing With Debby? No Foolin' !!!

Yikes, the NHC computer models have done a flip flop and most now take whatever forms in the southern Gulf up to just off the mouth of the River on Sunday morning before turning it to the west and heading it to Texas.  That would put us on the wet side of the storm with high tides causing flooding outside the levee protection system. VIPIR is the only model turning the storm to our east taking it to Florida keeping us on the weak/drier side.  Have no gut feeling on this one except to say we still have SW wind shear over northern Gulf which should limit development.  AF Hurricane Hunter goes out Saturday midday so we'll know more tomorrow.  Hard to say where it is going when we don't know where it is!  Clearly, the local impacts will be vastly different depending which way the storm turns.  Stay tuned!  Another update Sat. PM


Michael J Beninate said...
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Michael J Beninate said...

I don't visit here too often because I live in Montana, my new home since Katrina. I miss seeing the video weather on your blog. What happened to it? I haven't read all of your blog posts so I don't know if you explained it there. Bring back the video if you can.

plarive said...

Thanks Bob! VIPER was right and thanks for being sooo sensible and telling us like it is. If you are concerned then so am I. I appreciate that! Lived here 22 years and consistently watch only you during this season! Thanks again.