Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heat Gets All the Attention...

Yep, no question, there is a heat wave over the central plains down to the Gulf coast.  But did you know 65% of the country is cool(below average/normal)?  Of course not.  All you hear about is the numerous fires and record breaking high temps.  Fact is, both coast are chilly...and there are signs that July may get even cooler than normal.  Yet all we hear about is the heat & fires  Hummm...you go figure.

Debby's center made landfall earlier this afternoon, but that center has turned to the SSE this evening.  NHC believes this is just a temporary shift and they still believe the center of Debby will re-emerge east of Daytona Beach tomorrow.  VIPIR agrees except it has the center about 125 miles farther to the south.  I'm tired of tracking her and can only imagine how the folks in Florida(who have been hammered for days) must feel.

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