Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fat Lady nearing Stage...

At 11 PM the center of TS Isaac is staggering to the NNW at 6 mph according to NHC, but that may be generous.  Locally, pressures are rising and winds are SLOWLY decreasing with several feeder bands still  producing gusts to 60 mph.  Hopefully Entergy crews will be able to hit the street at daybreak and restore power to most of us during the day on Thursday.  FOX 8 will carry the Saints-Titan game at 7 pm so if you don't have power back, go find a local bar and watch it there.   The farther inland Isaac gets ,the lower his wind speeds.  We should even see some sunshine tomorrow after 2 days of misery.  We are only .36" short of making this the wettest August on record.   Go Isaac, we want to be # 1.  Go Saints, march on !  back on FOX 8 at 6 am.

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