Monday, August 13, 2012

Fronts Keep Coming...

Wow what a change for the folks up north.   Gone is the brutal heat of July and finally some rain is falling. Unfortunately it's way too late for many crops.  A large and unusually deep upper trough for August is feeding more cold air into the Great Lakes & much of the east coast.  We had a weak front turn the winds to the north last Saturday and another weak front should get close for Tuesday.  It should enhance our shower chances before retreating back northward on Wednesday.  Yet another August front heads our way for Sat-Sunday.  It was back in 1983 that a front pushed off our coast and an area of low pressure formed about 100 miles to our south.  That low turned into Cat. 3 Hurricane Alicia and she battered Houston several days later.  Keep your eyes on the northern Gulf later this week. 

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