Saturday, August 11, 2012

No Gordon For Now...

One of my biggest gripes is hearing how hotter water temperatures will mean more frequent & stronger Hurricanes.  As we just saw with Ernesto and Florence, and are seeing with TD # 7(just downgraded), it's more than just water temps that make the storm.   Is it the abundance of African dust that creates the sinking air out in the Atlantic?  Or higher wind shear created by the emerging El Nino that prevents development? Whatever the reasons, I hope they continue as we head towards the heart of Hurricane Season.

The current east coast upper trough has brought an unusual August cold front down to the Gulf Coast.  That front has been a little slower in moving thru than originally thought and we've endured another rainy start that prompted some Flood Warnings.  Radar is showing the rain moving away at midday and clouds thinning from the north so I do expect a dry afternoon with some sunshine. 

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James Bell said...

Hi Bob, I've been following the tropics two days ago it looked like all heck was going to break out, now all those building storms just fizzled out. Did el nino finally develop?