Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Too Soon To Get Nervous...

I know this morning's Euro. model has Isaac in the central Gulf for next Thursday.  Remember my motto, I want to be the "Bullseye" at 5-7 days out for you know that's not, historically, where the storm will be as the forecast error that far out is 200+ miles.  Hurricane Gustav was the exception in 2008 but his track 5 days out started in the NW Caribbean.  Isaac is still east of the islands so we have plenty of time to watch him.  The GFS model takes him to Florida while many other models curve him east of Florida.  Our "pay attention" days will be Saturday & Sunday as we'll have a much better handle knowing whether Isaac will come into the Gulf or be someone else's problem for next week.  This week is the time to review your evacuation plans.  Know where you will go and how you will get there. If you choose to stay, have plenty of supplies to get you thru 5-7 days without help.

I am in Boston for the AMS Broadcaster's Conference (stupid time for those of us in Hurricane land) but am keeping up on the progress of Isaac.  I will be back well before Isaac would become a threat to the Gulf.  I'll have daily updates as long as I can get on the internet. Stay tuned!

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