Monday, September 24, 2012

Tropics Gone To Sleep...

My friend Joe Bastardi blogged back in August that once beyond Sept. 10th, the Atlantic basin would go quiet and any tropical activity for the rest of this season would be an "in close" storm forming over the northern Gulf or off the Carolinas.   So far Joe has been right on and it looks like this last week in September will have no tropical threats.  Once into October, our chance for a major storm(Cat. 3 or higher) goes to near zero with only one (1893) crossing the LA. coast in modern times.  Sure we might see a weaker type storm (Juan 1985), but stronger westerly winds should keep any action well to our east.

in the short term, summer-like weather is back with no cold fronts coming until next week.  There are signs that the east coast upper trough will redevelop once we get deeper into October and that should start the parade of real cold fronts coming

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