Friday, September 28, 2012

Wet Weekend Woes...

Models haven't changed their thinking from last night as it appears a slow moving upper disturbance back over Texas will combine with a cold front settling southward and tropical moisture streaming in from the Gulf and Pacific.  The result will be several inches of rainfall for most of SE LA/MS thru Monday.  NWS is talking 4-6" on the high end while 2-3" seems more likely.  Either way, it's gonna be a soggy next 2-3 days.  A Flash Flood Watch probably will go up at Daybreak on Saturday.  Hopefully the rainfall totals will be spread out over many hours allowing for the pumps to keep up, but some street flooding is almost a given.  As I mentioned last night, it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY this system will become a tropical system, but with the heavy rains & high winds (20-30+ mph), we could see some power outages and higher tides causing some coastal flooding.  Let's pay attention to the weather this weekend so no one is caught off guard.  Stay tuned!

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