Monday, October 15, 2012

Fronts Keep Coming...

Now that we are past the middle of October, we can expect each front to get stronger & stronger(colder). Today's front didn't do much but the drier air allows for cooler nights.  High clouds spreading out from Hurricane Paul off the Baja will keep us in filtered sunshine on Tuesday so highs could stay in the 70s.  Another front will approach by early Thursday with a quick warm up on Wednesday before another cool down for Friday & Saturday.   The front coming next week looks to be a REAL cold front bringing back the sweaters & jackets, just in time for Halloween!

As promised, we had Patty & Rafael form over the weekend and if you believe in the GFS model, Sandy is coming for next week.  She could threaten the SE U.S. but the above mentioned strong cold front will block her from entering the Gulf.  NOAA has backed off on the El Nino prediction and now believes it's more likely to be a "neutral" next 6-9 months.  That should mean a much colder winter over most of the lower 48, especially compared to last year's 'non-winter".

In the short term, yesterday's weak cool front will make for a comfortable Tuesday with filtered sunshine and highs in the upper 70s.  Wednesday is back into the 80s with the next front Thursday morning bringing our next chance for rain.  We're 0 for October at MSY rainwise with only a trace falling this morning.

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