Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Patty, Rafael & Sandy coming...

Was watching The Weather Channel & Joe Bastardi with WeatherBell Analytics talk about the MJO going into the favorable (rising air) phase for the next couple of weeks reminding me that water temperatures have not cooled down over most of the Tropics including the Gulf.  However, strong wind shear covers the Gulf & NW Caribbean so any threat from a tropical system should be forced well to our south and east.  IF the MJO goes favorable, look for activity to ramp up the next 5 to 10 to 20 days with several(3-4) named storms still to come.  That would bust most early season predictions, but then again, does that really matter?  I don't think we'll get thru the whole list of names this year (6 to go), but we may get close. Stay tuned!

In the short term, we will go back to summer-like feeling air this weekend with breezy & mostly dry weather.  The rain showers will race across the plains to the upper lakes with the potential for a severe weather outbreak Saturday & Sunday.  We will enter our Fall severe weather season in a couple of weeks as the winter cold collides with the fleeting summer warmth. For now, enjoy the quiet of this warm weekend and get out to the many festivals around town.

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Mike P. said...

The G F S suggests Sandy will visit south Florida for Halloween. Any comments?