Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy Will Require "ALL HANDS ON DECK"

Today I spent some time watching TWC & Network news coverage of the impending disaster predicted for much of the NE tomorrow thru Wednesday. A Naval saying ALL HANDS ON DECK indicated that the ship had an emergency and all crewmen were needed to solve the problem. That has been the call for the past 2 days and if anyone does not take proper precautions and stock up on canned goods, water & the usual hurricane supplies, then it is their own fault.  However, we all know what is going to happen here.   There will be many (thousands) that will show up after the storm searching for food & water from FEMA or local state governments demanding that their needs be met.   I have seen many "super storms" during my 42+ years in broadcasting ( Xenia tornado outbreak 1974, Great blizzards of 1977-78, Super storm over the south 1993 etc) but this situation is coming together like no other.  A deepening East Coast trough will pull in the remains of a tropical system to produce widespread damaged from Ohio/Kentucky to New England.  What will be the biggest surprise is the water rise around New York City and Long Island.  NHC is predicting 6-11 feet. Wow!  Look for some great video the next couple of days.  Hope we don't see some reporter take a stupid chance just to get a good shot!

I'm waiting for the AGW folks to say..." we told you, global Warming would cause this!"


Popcorn said...

Snore ZZzzzzzz

cheryl said...

I found myself watching the weather channel most of the day yesterday..Feeling for all those people, but glad i was just an observer and not a participant..whew!

Robear said...

YEAH, I wouldnt wish a hurricane on ANYONE... but it DID feel good to NOT be in the bullseye for a change and preparing for it YET AGAIN... Cant believe some are not taking this seriously... Its gonna be a mess up there in every way for a while... They get to feel the FAILURES of Insurance Companys and FEMA... *sigh*