Friday, November 16, 2012

Amplified Pattern Means Dry Weekend Here...

Anytime the upper air pattern becomes highly amplified (deep troughs & ridges) you often find that the surface features (fronts, highs, lows) slow down with the weather not changing much for days.  That's good if you're on the dry side of the troughs or the warm side of the ridge.   Otherwise you get stuck in a rainy 3,4-5 days like the east coast or the west coast.  All of the Gulf South should enjoy abundant sunshine with comfy cool temps into next week. Some may say it's boring, but I for one like boring!   Especially when boring comes on the weekend.

As I near my 35th anniversary with Ch. 8, I thought it's time to start my bucket list since one never knows when the end may come.   Tomorrow, thanks to Dr. Rob Muller, I will finally make it to Tiger Stadium to view LSU vs Ole Miss.  I've heard all about what an experience it is.    I'm about to find out!

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cheryl said...

WOW!! What a game to experience!! It had it all!! Perfect bucket list experience, it was all of that and more!! I was thinking of you during the game. I know it was wild..One of the reasons I went to LSU in the '70's..Tiger stadium! and an education, of course..:)