Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Beasts Coming For NE....

Reading my friends Joes D'Aleo & Bastardi on WeatherBell.com tonight paint a scary picture for our friends still trying to restore normal life after Sandy in the Northeast.  More Nor'Easters are coming during the next 10-14 days meaning more flooding is likely since Sandy knocked down the dunes protecting the shoreline. More big east coast storms mean more cold fronts coming south for us.  Somehow all this early cold will be tied into weather extremes/AGW except as Joe Bastardi points out, the same almost identical pattern happened back in 1962.  Back then they called it early Winter.

Locally, Today's high of 59 was the coldest since way back on Feb. 25th.  The rest of this week will stay below normal/aveage with highs mainly in the 60s & nights in the 30s & 40s.  Tomorrow night will be colder as we have clouds moving over us tonight keeping temps. from falling much.  No rain is in sight until next Tuesday at the soonest. 

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