Friday, November 9, 2012

Severe Potential Late Sunday-Early Monday...

Our main severe weather season happens late Winter into early Spring (Feb-April).  Many don't know we have a sceondary season late Fall into early Winter (Nov-Dec) when cold fronts get stronger.  Such a front is coming early on Monday.  Ahead of it will be warm (80+) moist air from the Gulf colliding with the colder air triggering a possible line of severe storms late Sunday night into early on Monday.  It's a little far out to pinpoint timing, but right now it appears the worst will come during the overnight hours on Monday morning.  Hopefully many of you have purchased our Midland severe weather alert radios to keep you safe during these episodes.  In the short term, we'll be much warmer, especially at night, and mostly dry Sat-Sunday with brisk south winds.   We might see some dense fog at times if winds relax, but I'm expecting just a low cloud deck over night & into the early morning hours.   The cold air behind this next front looks to be much like the last...60s during the day, 30s & 40s at night.  Enjoy your weekend!

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