Monday, December 10, 2012

Stay Forever Young...

This past weekend I was back up in Indiana attending the funeral of my late wife's Mother.  It was a sad weekend but I did get to spend some time with my sons, but more importantly, a wonderful Saturday night with my Mom watching a PBS program of the Canadian Tenors.  Since my Mom can't see anymore, she listens to TV and the Tenor's singing of Bob Dylan's "Stay Forever Young" made me realize that isn't reality. I can't spend more time with my Mom because I live so far away, but many of you live near your parents.  Don't stay away.  Go visit them for they can't stay forever young.

It was chilly (30-40s) up in Chicago, but for December not bad.  Guess I brought down the cold with me and it'll hang around for the next 2-3 days.   A SW upper flow will linger some clouds making Tuesday & Wednesday quite chilly before a slow warming begins on Thursday.  Our coldest morning during this current chilly outbreak will be on Thursday when the North Shore and away from Lake P. could see a light freeze.  We've been there before so no real problems should occur. of the long range models is predicting a huge Arctic outbreak arriving here Christmas Eve with some.S.....nah, can't say it.  Dec. 11, 2008 we had our last real snowfall on the South Shore.  Is it about time again?  Stay tuned!

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Melanie said...

Well said... both of my parents are gone and both of my husband's parents are gone. It makes me sad when I hear friends who put off seeing their parents for other things. Would give anything to spend another day with mine.