Monday, January 28, 2013

Severe Weather Coming?

SPC has placed much of north & central LA/MS under a "moderate" risk for severe storms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with a "slight" risk covering parts of the North Shore.  My thinking is most of the really bad storms will stay north of a BTR-MCB-MEI line but I don't like the timing.   The line (or what's left of it) will reach metro N.O. between 5-8 AM right when most of us are getting up and ready for work or school.   No need to worrying on Tuesday as it should be our 7th straight day of 70+ temps.  It also may be our 13th day without rain, but that will end with the cold front on Wednesday morning.  The core of the cold will stay well to our north so we'll just get back to sweaters and jackets.  Super Bowl weekend looks dry with comfy temps. (65-70). 6 of my radiation treatments with no side effects.  So far so good.


Robear said...

Bob, did I read correctly when you announced you are going to be doing radiation treatments... 43 of them...!?!? Isnt that quite a bit..!? You arent feeling ANYTHING yet ?

Bourbon St. Blues said...

Good to hear your treatment is going well. Looking at you on the air you can't tell a thing...

I'd glad this weekend is going to have good weather, Caesar rolls Saturday night...woohoo.

Pulling for the Niners...they beat the Falcons and kept them from coming to the dome.