Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Weekend Coming...

It may not be perfect for the next 3 days, but compared to the Big Chill that will have the Great Lakes to the Northeast in the freezer this weekend,  our weather will seem balmy!   Several weak fronts will re-enforce the cool, dry air we enjoyed today so don't look for any 70+ warmth.  Friday will struggle to get to 60 with filtered sunshine.  Saturday will be the best day as we'll warm into the mid-upper 60s before another weak front passes thru before dawn on Super Sunday.  Highs Sunday ,with plenty of sunshine. should get back into the low to mid 60s.   All in all, whether you're going to parades, walking the Quarter, hanging out at Champion's should be a terrific weekend to showcase New Orleans.

Thanks to all who have called or written voicing concern for my health.  Faith,Family & Friends gets you thru most of life's problems.  Day 9 today, 34 to go with no issues so far.  I'll keep you posted...and guys, get your PSA number!

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BleuAngls said...

My prayers will be for you to have a healthy recovery and easy time during radition.
The very best.