Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Warming up before Winter reloads...

After 6 straight days with highs below 60, we finally cracked it reaching a "balmy" 61 this evening.  With a warm front coming northward out of the Gulf, I expect the next 4-5 days to top 70+ !   Unfortunately, with warm air in January we usually have rain and that's what's happening tonight.  Amounts just to our west have topped 3" and more is on the way, especially on Thursday.  We will have to pay attention Thursday morning as most models bring a squall line across south LA/MS. with the chance for some severe storms.   Our next real cold front doesn't arrive until Monday and next week looks like the northern express sets up to bring some brutal Canadian cold southward.  How far south and how cold are 2 questions yet to be determined.  But with near 80 degree warmth this weekend, Mother Nature will likely reverse to near freezing temps here for the following weekend.  Stay tuned!

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