Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weather Channel Shameless...

So I'm watching The Weather Channel tonight and they do a report on wind energy promoting why our government should continue to support/subsidize it with no mention that GE( makers of wind turbines) is part owner of TWC. Am I the only one that finds this a conflict of interest?  Promoting a product without disclosing that you make mucho money by having more of that product made is wrong...plain & simple. What say you?

I'm surprised the AGW folks haven't jumped on the current cold over the Great Lakes & Northeast. Weather extremes ya know.   Media makes everything an instant extreme.

In the short term, our weather is warming up again with no signs of freezing weather for the next 7-10 days. Another weak front will approach late Thursday stalling near us by late Friday before retreating back northward over the weekend.   Rain chances will stay low (day 6 without rain) with only a slight chance (20%) Friday night.  Parades begin again on Friday and most should roll on a dry track.  

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