Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Today Doesn't Suck...

Listening to the John Osterlind show on 99.5 FM tonight made me chuckle as he has a segment called..."Why Today Doesn't Suck".    It got me thinking for answers to that question.  Here are a couple of reasons WHY TODAY DOESN'T SUCK.   1)  High in New Orleans 70  High in New York City 21  Burrr!   2)   New Orleans - All Day Sunshine    Buffalo & Cleveland on/off snow squalls.   3)  New Orleans - shorts & shirt sleeves,  Chicago - heavy coats, ear muffs, scarfs & pocket heaters/hand warmers.  Thanks John for putting a smile on my face.

Another cold front will approach us late Thursday, but it should stall to our north keeping us in the 70s.  Friday another front approaches and it may just sink by us by Saturday AM.   There could be a few showers with that front but chances are less than 20%.  We could be slightly cooler on Saturday but  by Sunday warmer air returns into next week.  A strong front on Wednesday will bring us back to January reality with showers & storms followed by a cold rain.   Super Bowl weekend starts out cool & dry but yet another front could make Super Sunday cool (50s) & gray.   That's why we have a Dome!  Stay tuned!

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