Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Freeze Watch for Weekend...

Back in 1899 on Feb. 13th the temp at Audubon Park dipped to 7 degrees, the coldest ever reported for New Orleans.  We certainly have cooled down from the 75 on Mardi Gras to the 30s & 40s tonight, but even colder air is coming for this weekend.  A deepening east coast trough will bring the chill southward, but that trough is expected to quickly lift out during the day on Sunday keeping the core of the cold to our north & east. Still a light freeze (27-31) is likely on the North Shore Sunday morning with near freezing (33-36) on the South Shore. Since the upper pattern is expected to be progressive (fast moving), no other freezes are likely after this weekend's for 7-10 days.  Look for several snow storms to affect travel across the nation during the last 2 weeks of February.  This winter was late starting, but it's far from being over. Stay tuned!

FOX 8 will show an update on my prostate cancer treatments Thursday night at 10 PM.  I'm doing mostly OK, but we've found that it is not just an "old folks" disease.  Nancy Parker has an excellent  report. Don't miss it.

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