Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Storms lining up...Let it Snow,Let it Snow!!!

Love to watch the way weather moves from high above.  Back when I 1st got into the business (Feb. 1971), all we received was ONE still satellite picture of the U.S. each day.  That's it. No looping animation, no infared color table...just one still picture.   Fast forward 42 years later and we can follow clouds around the world.   Tonight I'm watching a long string/series of storms marching across the Pacific heading towards the U.S.  This is going to be an interesting 2 weeks for many folks as the snow cover will dramatically increase much farther southward.  Nah, I don't see us getting any of the white stuff...but one never knows.

In the short term, a warm front will surge out of the Gulf tomorrow with temps rising into the 70s.  Showers will increase during the PM as a cold front heads into the state.  SPC indicates a slight risk for severe storms, but tonight's VIPIR run keeps most strong storms north & east.  The problem comes on Friday as the front stalls along our coast with a new wave of low pressure forming bringing some heavy rainfall.  How much rain will depend on where the front stalls.  This could last into the weekend. Stay tuned!

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