Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Showing, but Winter Not going...

Fortunately we live far enough to the south that the higher sun angle tempers the cold fronts that keep coming our way.  The models are indicating during the next 10-14 days, Winter will hang on over the Northern Plains, Great Lakes into New England.  The east coast upper trough will retreat northward from us so we should see much warmer air spread over the south, but not north of St. Louis, Cincinnati to Philly.  In the short term, we'll have 2 more chilly nights (30s N-Shore, 40s S-Shore) before Spring-like temps (75-80) arrive just in time for the Irish Celebrations/Parades this weekend.  No fronts are expected before next Tuesday so rain chances will be near zero for the next 4-5 days.  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, it's a great time to live in the Deep South.  Enjoy this weekend OUTDOORS !

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