Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friday/Saturday Look Great...Stormy Thursday Comes First

With several of our huge April Festivals (French Quarter, Ponchatoula Strawberry) happening this weekend, weatherwise it should be mostly dry.  The exceptions are Thursday & again on Sunday.  Thursday's storms could become an issue with heavy rain potential of 2-4" resulting in some street flooding between 9 AM & 2 PM.   By later in the afternoon, all showers will end and drier air takes over for Friday & Saturday.  This front will bring quite a chill down as temps will start out in the 70s, fall into the 50s behind the front and recover into the 60s once the rain ends.  The system on Sunday will be triggered by a weak upper system and once that goes by, we see the warmest temps ( 83-87) this year for much of next week.

35 years ago today, I first appeared on Ch. 8.  Click on the following to watch a beautiful look back...or click on the button on my home page.

Who did I replace?    I didn't as no one could replace the weather legend of that time, Nash Roberts.  

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

That was a nice tribute to you Bob...congratulations and thank you for 35 years of service...