Monday, April 8, 2013

Hurricane Season Forecasts Pouring in...

After spending last weekend up north tending to my ailing Mother, I arrive back to see that 3 hurricane forecasts are out (maybe more) calling for a VERY active season.  Used to be that Dr. Gray & Colorado State were the only ones issuing forecasts.   Now it seems they are at least 10 firms giving their spin on the upcoming season.   An active season shouldn't come as a surprise since we are only in year 18 of the active 20-30 year CYCLE.  The AGW folks will want to claim it's man that's causing more storms, and in fact Dr. Master's of Weather Underground/The Weather Channel today claimed Europe will see more "hybrid" storms by THE END OF THIS CENTURY!    Another totally unverifiable forecast since 90% of those now living will be gone(dead).  That's what they do...issue an alarmist statement that can't be provened. Anything for more research funding.

We have 2 almost summer-like days coming before a cold front arrives Thursday morning bringing showers and T-Storms.  There is a chance that these storms could be strong to severe so you'll need to pay attention until the front gets east of us Thursday PM.

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