Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So Cold but where's the Media?

Yep, nearly every week we see article after article alarming us of the dangers of Global Warming.  The media reports with glee when there are record highs.  Where are they this week...in fact this month & last when the northern states are enduring record cold?  Nearly 3,000 record lows tied or broken, yet we hear nothing.  Why?  # 1, the AGW alarmists have hired PR firms to constantly spout their "facts".  When the evidence proves otherwise, these PR firms are quiet.  But then again, they've switched (again) to WEATHER EXTREMES so if it gets hot or if it gets cold it's all because of AGW.  Geez, sounds like they can't lose the augument.  Just follow the money.

All right, we have a cold front coming that will bring us some rain and a brief cool down.  As long as the front pushes offshore into the Gulf and doesn't back up, the weather for the Golf Tourney & Jazz Fest should be mostly dry this weekend.

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