Monday, June 3, 2013

Andrea Forming in Extreme Southern Gulf?

Daylight satellite pictures revealed a large broad circulation just north of the Yucatan this afternoon & NHC has scheduled the Hurricane Hunters to investigate it Tuesday PM if it continues to develop.  The IR pictures tonight show several swirls.  One is just off the western tip of Cuba (mid level) while the low level swirl still appears just north of the Yucatan.   Will it become Andrea?    My take is yes...eventually.  There is a lot of westerly upper winds over the central & northern Gulf so IF Andrea forms, she would be steered to Florida well to our east keeping us on the dry side.    Another east coast trough is predicted to develop so this rain system will be steered up the east coast to New England.  For us, some drier air will filter in behind it resulting is slightly cooler night time lows for Friday & Saturday mornings.   Officially at the airport in Kenner, we have yet to reach 90 degrees.   Same time one year ago we already had reached 90 TWELVE times !!!   My how weather patterns change.  Duh !

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