Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barry Forms but No Threat to Northern Gulf

TD 2 was upgrade to Trop. Storm Barry this afternoon after an AF Hurricane Hunter plane found wind speeds of 40+ mph.   Fortunately this storm will not impact the U.S. but it'll be a big rainmaker for much of Mexico around Vera Cruz.    A weak frontal boudary moved over us today with lots of clouds keeping temps below 90 for the 1st time in 8 days.  Rain coverage was only about 30% but a few folks got drenched.  A huge well defined waterspout  developed just north of Grand Isle this afternoon.  It made landfall on the western end of the island & caused minor damage to several roofs.  Summer waterspouts are common along the Louisiana coast, but the size & definition of this one was rare.  With everyone having cell phones with cameras now, numerous pictures were taken.   Looking ahead...Thursday should see some spotty T-Storms develop before an upper ridge moves in for Friday thru Sunday drying us out and heating us up.  Summer officially begins at 12:04 AM Friday morning.

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