Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Extreme, Extreme, Extreme...

FOX News calls it EXTREME WEATHER. Others call it EXTREME HEAT, or EXTREME FIRES or EXTREME STORMS.  Did you ever wonder what's going on here?   Why all the hype? Well it goes back to one of my former News Directors saying..."never let facts get in the way of a good story!"  No fooling, I can't make this stuff up.    If the media says it's EXTREME, it must be EXTREME.  But is there an agenda going on there?   Could it be the PR companies feeding the news sources so much doom & gloom that the public starts to believe we need to act and do something?   Doesn't matter that we can't stop the Earth's on going Changing Climate, but won't it make you feel good that you're doing something?  That's what this is all about...create fear so folks will buy into higher taxes and lower standards of living.  Guilt...shame on you for being successful and using so many resources.

The GFS keeps trying to form something in the Gulf in the 12-14 day range, however the MJO will still be in the unfavorable (sinking air) mode.   My thoughts are we'll stay quiet for the rest of June and see tropical activity pick up again in July.  In the short term, Thursday will be hot & mostly dry with a weak front increasing our shower chances for Friday & Saturday.

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