Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heating up...Finally

Just as the Alarmists keep cranking up their fears regarding Climate change, the REALITY of weather data keeps showing up.  Comparing our last 3 Junes, one finds a DECREASING trend regarding highs of 90+.  In fact, most of the U.S. east of the Mississippi has enjoyed a really cool Spring.  But you never hear that.  Nope, it's more of the same..."now that climate change is inevitable..."   Huh?   Climate Change has NEVER stopped.  It's ALWAYS changing, but don't tell that to the Mayor of NYC or the thousands of scientists dependent on more government funding to study future climates.  Do you really think money doesn't sway scientists?   Or politicians?   Do they not know the past history of what drives climate change? (PDO,AMO etc)  What they do know is putting fear into the electorate gets them to vote higher taxes on themselves.  It would be far better to funnel the billions alarmists want to collect in carbon taxes into feeding the hungry on this Planet.  Climate Change is NOT the greatest threat to the human race.  Feeding the poor & unfortunate should be priority one.

But less I digress, Our local weather has finally cranked into the 90s...about 3 weeks behind schedule.  We look to stay into the 90s as an upper ridge caps T-Storm chances, but this is not record heat like back in June 2011.  The Weather Channel began talking about the MJO shifting back to a more favorable (rising motion) tropical pattern by later this month.   First time I'm seeing them admit the importance of the MJO.  Kind of stupid to talk about things 2-3 weeks in advance, especially in the Tropics.  All I'll say is the next 7-10 days look to remain quiet.

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