Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Someone Is Lying...The Science is NOT Clear

I've been trying to digest the President's speech on Global Warming/Climate Change/Weather Extremes from yesterday and Jeff Master's (Weatherunderground/Weather Channel) blog today saying we all gonna die and have reached the conclusion that many are exaggerating the "facts" & manipulating the data to promote their cause. Someone might call it "lying", but I like Jack Nicholson's  "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" as to what is happening.  So much misinformation... "the climate is changing"...the climate has ALWAYS been changing since the beginning of the Planet.  "Global warming caused by greenhouse gases"...partly true, but they are not the DRIVER of climate change.   If Man's use of fossil fuels is the DRIVER of our recent warming trend,  what caused the warming years ago before cars, factories & Man himself?   "Arctic ice keeps melting"...that has happened before during the last 100 years.   "Warming will continue forever..."   It already has started a cooldown that has NOT been predicted by computer models. When the TRUTH (actual data) shows that the Globe is not warming, Alarmist start attacking the credibility of the opposition( President Obama comparing us to "flatliners") rather than defending the data.   I have said many times in the past Ocean Currents are the DRIVER of Climate Change.  Check the past (not inaccurate computer models) to foretell the future.   The nation needs JOBS.   Taxing fossil fuels will not create more jobs.  It will increase everyone's living costs driving more into poverty.   IF The Weather Channel was not pushing a Global Warming Agenda, they would hold an hour debate with educated leaders (no politicians) from both sides discussing the ISSUES.   To go on calling the opposition names solves/settles NOTHING.

Another deep East Coast trough will bring a front on trhu over this weekend.  We'll see increased shower chances beginning Friday & continuing into next week.  As I said yesterday, any front that moves over the Gulf during the Summer bears watching.  Stay tuned!

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

One things that gets me about this is I had a debate with my daughter about global warming and she was convinced that there is global warming because of what her teacher has taught her...and I couldn't convince her otherwise. I could not convince her that weather goes through cycles...both short and long term.

Now she goes to a well known school here in the metro area....and I have come to the conclusion that our government leaders do affect what is being taught in our schools...I have to believe and hope to believe that teachers present material that allows the student to make up their own mind on this issue...and not take the teachers word as the only truth...