Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Front Coming...

A look back at past hurricane seasons show that once a pattern is set up, it often lasts most of the season.   This year we continue to see the re-development of east coasts which bring down leftover frontal boundaries into the deep south.   That forces the Atlantic Ridge (Bermuda High) to retreat back farther out into the Atlantic allowing for a weakness along the U.S. East Coast.  That should mean most storms during the next 6-10 weeks should turn northward BEFORE they get into the Gulf making Florida up thru the Carolinas the most likely spots for landfalls.    Chantal never made it that far as strong shearing winds tore her apart this afternoon.  Her remnants will bring rain to Cuba tomorrow and into Florida on Friday.  As that frontal boundary reaches us early on Friday and sags into the Gulf, we’ll need to watch for any spin up along that weakness.  Stay Tuned!


In the short term, expect more mainly PM T-Storms on Thursday.  Like today they’ll be slow movers producing locally heavy rainfall (1-2”) in a short time period.  Enjoy the brief cooling relief from our summer heat.


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